Distribution Transformers Manufacturing

  • Electrical steel is cut by top of the line-automatic machines. The whole process is fully automated without any human involvement.
  • Cores assembly is done in hydraulic turn tables to assure perfect stacking.
  • The LV windings, which are made of copper foils, are wound via high speed and accurate machines. These winding machines are controlled by PLCs.
  • The HV windings which are made of enameled copper wires are wound by high speed semi automatic a winding machines controlled by PLCs.
  • Complete winding block is processed in accordance with required design, ensuring maximum short circuit strength under worst conditions

Complete Active part is dried in state-of-the-art drying ovens to ensure perfect drying.

Active part assembly and oil filling is done under vacuum condition.

Transformer tanks are made at Utec utilizing the very sophisticated automatic and semi automatic machines.

Surface treatment / corrosion protection provided according to customers required conditions, which include galvanizing and/ duplex paint system.

After the completion of the transformers, routine tests are applied as per IEC Standards / Customers specification.

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