Pole Mounted Transformers

Pole-mounted distribution transformers are mounted above ground on poles. These transformers are manufactured to standard designs, primarily for power distribution companies. These transformers typically service urban and rural residential and commercial loads.

Utec’s Pole Mounted Transformers are oil immersed hermetically sealed type which are designed, manufactured and tested according to IEC 60076 and its equivalent standards. The tank is designed to accommodate expansion of oil during loading through the use of corrugated steel sheets. The Primary bushings are provided on the bolted top cover, while Secondary bushings on side wall enclosed by air insulated cable box. Both Primary and Secondary bushings can also be provided on top cover as per required specification.

The windings are generally made up of copper. However, Aluminum windings can also be offered. All the standard designs have been proven by type testing including impulse, temperature rise, sound level and short circuit tests. Utec’s pole-mounted distribution transformers share the following features: 

  • Compact design, Low-noise and light in weight.
  • Economic and efficient to reduce network loss and working cost.
  • High reliability in operation.
  • Low temperature rise and long service life.
  • High short circuit and insulating strength.
  • Overload capability in compliance with IEC 60354.
  • Sealed construction to prevent moisture entry.
  • Extended creepage HV bushings as standard execution.
  • Utec’s standard proven surface treatment.
  • Flexibility in designing transformers to meet customer requirements (Optimum cost)
  • Competitive short delivery time.

Product Range:

  • Rating up to 315 kVA (Single & Three Phase)
  • Primary voltage up to 36 kV (200 BIL)
  • Secondary voltages up to 1000 V (30 BIL)
  • Frequency: 60Hz, 50Hz, 50/60Hz
  • Vector group: Dyn11 (other vector groups can also be provided on request)
  • Insulation: Class A
  • Cooling: ONAN / KNAN
  • Available fluids: mineral or silicon oil (Other fluids can also be filled on request) 

Standard Accessories:

  • HV Bushings
  • LV Bushings
  • Dial Type Oil Thermometer
  • Pressure Relief Device
  • Oil Level Indicator With Filler Stack
  • Off-circuit Tapselector
  • Oil Drain Valve
  • Earthing Terminals
  • Lifting Lugs

Optional Accessories (If required):

  • Dial Type Oil Thermometer With Two Contacts
  • Pressure Relief Device With Two Contacts
  • Oil Level Indicator With Two Contacts
  • Arcing Horns
  • Thermometer Pocket
  • Arrestor Mounting Bracket
  • Marshaling Box
  • DMCR Protection Relay (DGPT2)


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