Statement of the Chairman of the Board

Leveraging on more than 50 years in trading and manufacturing Building Materials, Construction and Contracting areas, we at Bawan Group have perfected the electrical power business well. The desire to use only the best in electrical components, such as Distribution Transformers and Package Substations, led us to a decision of playing an active role in their manufacture. Making Joint venture and Technical knowhow transfer with Wilson Transformer Company, a leading manufacturer of Power & Distribution Transformer in Australia since 1933, United Transformer Company was formed in 2001 as a convergence of the extensive experience in manufacturing transformers that Wilson had since their inception, and the local knowledge and leadership in the last 50 years at that time. Utec nowadays had built its own in Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Research & Development.

All of our activities are performed within the operating principles adopted by Bawan Group. Striving for excellence in its products, offering total satisfaction in Customer Services, honesty and integrity in dealing with suppliers, customers and employees alike, are our way of life.

We at Utec believe that we got it right, and invite you to call on us to provide the solution to your electrical distribution needs. Supported by our staff, we will constantly strive to exceed your expectations of Quality, Value and Service.


Corporate Vision:

To be the First choice manufacturer and supplier, within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and rest of the International market for Distribution Transformer.

Corporate Purpose:

To manufacture and market world class quality, zero defect, electrical components, using resources available within the kingdom, for the benefit of our customers, suppliers, employees & owners.

Corporate Mission:

By developing the skills and productivity of our staff and utilizing the technical expertise of our partners, we will produce top quality electrical components, here in the Kingdom, to benefit the people of the region, and by reducing the need to import, help to protect the wealth of the country

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