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United Transformers Electric Company (Utec), a subsidiary of Bawan, was founded in 2001 as a limited liability company. Over the past few years, Utec has built a strong presence in the local, regional and international markets as a leading company in the field of manufacturing distribution transformers. The company is a joint venture between "Bawan" and "Wilson Transformers", a leading manufacturer of power and distribution transformers in Australia since 1933.

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Utec, which is based in the Second Industrial City in Riyadh, employs a team of 450 administrative engineers, employees and technicians, who are committed to achieving the highest levels of engineering design, production, quality and customer satisfaction in domestic and foreign markets.


Utec applies the most advanced industrial technologies, taking advantage of the technical cooperation agreement with "Wilson Transformers" in Australia. The company focuses its efforts on the production of a full range of modern electrical hermetically sealed transformers, integrally filled with oil. The company also works on designing and manufacturing custom-made products to meet the customer’s needs of various key sectors.

The company is committed to a clear institutional vision that aims to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction by providing services and products that meet the expectations of customers in terms of quality and efficiency, and by matching best manufacturing practices and the highest international standards.



Over the past few years, Utec has gained a major share of the electrical transformers market in Saudi Arabia. Since its inception in 2001, the company has succeeded in supplying local, regional and international markets with high-quality distribution transformers. Utec’s products are very popular regionally and internationally, as they are exported to major neighbouring markets, particularly in the GCC, as well as to some markets in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. The company has also signed many contracts and agreements with leading public and private entities locally and regionally, which seek to take advantage of the high potential, extensive expertise and advanced technology applied by Utec. Utec applies the highest manufacturing standards and the best international systems and practices to ensure the highest levels of insulation and operational efficiency for its electrical transformers. In recognition of its tireless efforts to ensure quality standards and excellence, the company has acquired many of the world's most prestigious certifications, including:

  • Several test certificates from KEMA International laboratories in Netherlands.
  • Several quality certificates from electrical engineering laboratories at King Saud University in Riyadh
  • ISO 9001
  • International safety certificate BS OHSAS 18001-2007
  • Saudi Arabia Standardization Organization certificate SASO
  • Saudi Quality Council - SQC Certificate

Utec Products

Distribution transformers, Oil filled (Hermetically sealed & Breathing type) as per IEC-60076, ANSI/IEEE standards, from 25kVA to 5,000kVA up to 36kV (HV) & 1,100V (LV).

LV/LV Transformer from 25 KVA to 200 KVA.

  • Pole Mounted Transformers
  • Ground Mounted Transformers
  • Substation Transformers
  • Unit /Package Substation
  • Special Application Transformer
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